WAVE transforms and becomes The Really Fully Integrated Agency

Following a near 1 year-process, WAVE announces its transformation and becomes an integrated communication agency. Under the positioning of “The Really Fully Integrated Agency”, WAVE is moving from being one of the pioneers of the BTL, in-store communication and field force strategies industries, to offering an extensive range of services, covering the entire spectrum of marketing and communication.

“I founded WAVE 23 years ago, as a consumer engagement agency, which quickly gained respect and appreciation among colleagues in the industry and clients. The way our industry has evolved in recent years, the high level of digitalization and ever-changing consumer behaviors, have made us reevaluate our business model and make the necessary decisions, in order to remain an agile and reliable partner for our customers . Thus, we managed to rebuild a better, stronger WAVE, which is at the forefront of the market we operate. Although some of our processes, people and client portfolio have changed, one thing remains constant: our goal to be indispensable to the companies we work with. This is both a goal and a commitment that we take seriously,” said Al Kamara, founder of WAVE.

The current WAVE team brings together experienced customer service professionals, creatives with innovative ideas, strategists and business development experts who are always connected to what is happening in the local and international markets. Moreover, in order to always stay one step ahead of the industry, WAVE has developed strategic partnerships with local and international entities to complement the agency’s service portfolio with the areas of research and performance media. In the new formula, WAVE will be coordinated by Manuela Silică, from the position of Business Development Director.

Manuela is a professional with over 15 years of experience in advertising. She was part of the WAVE team from 2008-2016 and returned in 2022 to strategize and manage the agency’s transformation process.

“I am proud to coordinate such a complex and important project for an agency with which I have such a beautiful story. What makes me happy is not just the fact that we managed to integrate a wide range of services – from strategy to creative, from production to event management, social media and PR – but rather the fact that we achieved this by adding performance to the mix expertise and technology, and the power of data. At WAVE we have a team of seniors who benefit from data-driven solutions, based on complex algorithms, with the aim of eliminating decisions made based on subjective considerations and replacing them with those substantiated with verified data and information. This means that the premises we start from are extremely solid, which makes our work much more effective and relevant for the brands we work with and their stakeholders,” said Manuela Silică, Business Development Director WAVE.

To ensure the success of integrated campaigns, WAVE uses an advanced platform driven by artificial intelligence. It collects and analyzes complex data from multiple sources, both online and offline, providing a 360-degree view of consumer behavior. The process begins with clearly defined client objectives, then moves to data analysis to extract relevant insights. These findings are essential in formulating creative concepts and marketing initiatives, customized for each client.

Implementation is equally rigorous, covering both online and offline environments, from creation to field deployment with dedicated teams. Being a truly integrated agency, processes are managed centrally, which allows accurate and actionable conclusions to be drawn, essential for continuous optimization and full campaign reporting. For more details about the course and integrated services of WAVE, you can access the new website, www.waveadvertising.ro, where the story is told, and the latest campaigns are presented.