WAVE and Clootrack partner to revolutionize consumer experience understanding: collecting reviews from 32,408 customers, totaling 73,068 opinions

The integrated communication agency WAVE announces its strategic partnership with Clootrackthe American AI-powered platform that analyzes consumer experience. The collaboration will allow the WAVE team to meet the advertising and business environment’s needs, making relevant customer experience (CX) data available to brands.  Thus, WAVE, The Really Fully Integrated Agency, further increases its role in relation to its clients, contributing in a strategic way to the identification of each brand’s pain points, as well as the creation and implementation of effective marketing strategies. This approach brings companies closer to business objectives, including increasing consumer segments and their loyalty, developing new products, approaching new, unexplored markets, and achieving better differentiation in the industry.

As Clootrack’s exclusive partner in Romania and for the CEE Regions, WAVE will benefit from the American platform’s proprietary technology to analyze consumer feedback and sentiment, track customer interactions across multiple channels, identify, in real time, and predict consumer trends and behaviors. Based on consumer responses and detailed information collected from various sources, regardless of language, the Clootrack algorithm provides brands with valuable data about customer preferences, needs and sentiment, which helps brand managers better understand their audience segments and to improve several parameters, such as the Net Promoter Score.

The collaboration between WAVE and Clootrack comes just months after the agency announced its transformation under the The Really Fully Integrated Agency platform.

“Our priority, within WAVE, is to offer clients reliable services, based on solid strategies, built on correct, relevant and accurate insights. To deliver on this promise, we needed a strong partner with the expertise and resources to support our work. After testing Clootrack’s services for some of our customers in different industries such as ride-hailing, home appliances and retail, we understood the high level of value they bring and decided to become partners. Now, any company in Romania can have access to local, up-to-date data about the industry, consumers or its services and products,” said Al Kamara, founder of WAVE.

“Our synergies will be so dynamic in the future!” said Shameel Abdulla, Clootrack’s executive director, who expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:We are excited to start this collaboration with WAVE and enter the Romanian market. In an era where exceeding customer expectations is essential for building loyalty and generating consumer opportunities, Clootrack’s expertise will bring invaluable added value to companies in Romania. Together with WAVE, as a strategic partner, we aim to set new standards for the experiences that brands offer to consumers and to actively contribute to increasing the agility of the business environment and the communications industry.”

In its more than 7 years of existence, Clootrack has analyzed more than 10 billion consumer conversations, extracted more than one million insights, and helped more than 150 companies achieve their goals.

The strategic partnership between WAVE and Clootrack has already resulted in the creation of four experience trackers for the following industries: retail (covering the area of shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets), shopping centers, banking and ridesharing.

“Today’s consumers may now choose from a multitude of products and services that meet their needs. In overcrowded industries, criteria such as price, quality, even actual benefits no longer represent strong, indisputable differentiators, as consumers’ choices aren’t objective. That’s why it’s important to dig much deeper when it comes to appreciation, attachment, loyalty and synergies. This is where WAVE and Clootrack’s data-driven analytics and behavioral-science approach comes in, as the platform with advanced algorithms analyzes NPS data, CRM tickets, social media conversations, online reviews to identify relevant feedback, discussion themes and generate granular insights. Starting from these discoveries and conclusions, we can develop, together with the companies we work with, effective strategies adapted to the times in which we live,” said Manuela Silica, WAVE Business Development Manager.

Their latest analysis, based on reviews from over 32,408 customers and totaling 73,068 opinions, highlights the unique opportunities and challenges faced by each sector. Each analysis was completed within 5 days. These current market studies are accessible on their website and available to all clients.

For shopping centers, such as Afi Cotroceni, Promenada Mall Bucharest, Baneasa Shopping City, Sun Plaza Shopping Center, Park Lake Shopping City, and Mega Mall, customers provided feedback on parking facilities, crowd management, and maintaining cleanliness as concerns for the shopping experience.

For the banking sector, they collected customer insights on Banca Transilvania, ING Bank, BCR Bank, BRD Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, UniCredit and others.

For the retail sector, which includes Supermarket PROFI, Kaufland, Mega Image, Lidl, Carrefour, and Auchan, they uncovered challenges around price sensitivity, staff interactions, and the need to elevate the in-store experience.

These comprehensive analyses highlight current customer sentiment across each industry and provide a roadmap for strategic improvement. For decision-makers in marketing, customer insights, and business strategy, these findings offer a goldmine of opportunities to innovate and lead with customer-centric approaches.