Blue begins its journey in the ridesharing industry with a launch campaign signed by Wave (P)

Wave signs the launch campaign of the newest ridesharing service available in Bucharest, Blue, part of the Autonom group. Under the concept that became the slogan, “Travels, not races”, the brand benefits from an integrated communication platform that includes a dynamic mix of tactics and channels: OOH and indoor, radio, PR and events, video, digital and social media.

Blue entered the market by positioning itself as a challenger in a competitive industry: the only 100% Romanian ridesharing company, oriented towards local users, to whom it offers sustainable, affordable, and quality services. Wave’s role was to capture and retain the public’s attention, generate awareness, and share of voice, while expressing, at the same time, in an engaging way, the DNA of the brand.

“Ever since I received the pitch brief, I knew that this project required a mix of capabilities and expertise, to be completed in an innovative creative concept, extremely well staged. We worked, first of all, on a very solid strategic basis, which allowed us to build an integrated campaign, in line with brand values and plans, consumer needs and industry trends. Furthermore, we penciled in the right messages for each medium, so as to take the communication into a much more user-oriented area of the service, thus making them feel recognized and appreciated. Blue is a brand created for the needs of each city in which it will operate, and its promise is to constantly adapt to its infrastructure and audience, in order to offer outstanding experiences,” said Manuela Silică, Wave’s Business Development Director.

“What do the people of Bucharest deserve?” – a question that generated conversations and helped Blue express its commitment

The Blue launch campaign started with a teasing stage, which addressed an open question to the public: “What do the people of Bucharest deserve?”. This allowed the brand to generate conversations online and offline, arouse feelings of curiosity and leave room for interpretation. The question was launched through a series of communication materials, displayed in the subway and in the online environment, and the answers were centralized in a landing page, dedicated to the brand.

The reveal came by centralizing these responses into a video, which defined Blue’s brand territory and commitment to its audience and users.

The campaign then continued with the implementation of the integrated communications strategy, aimed at maximizing the impact of the launch and amplifying the key messages, over a longer period, using a range of channels – OOH and indoor, radio, events, press, digital and social media .

As Blue’s brand agency, Wave strategized and managed every element of the campaign, from development to implementation. The agency was responsible for the creation, production of video and radio spots, the dissemination of messages in the digital environment, the strategy of organizing events dedicated to relevant stakeholders and the public relations strategy.

“The launch of Blue in Romania demonstrates Wave’s ability to adapt without problems to the market and to the demands of our clients, an agency that started, more than 23 years ago, with a strong focus on the BTL area. Over time, we have evolved with the industry and our clients and become an integrated communications agency that facilitates the connection between people and brands. I’m proud to be Blue’s brand agency and to have created this innovative campaign with growth and amplification potential that is changing the way the ridesharing industry communicates,” said Al Kamara, Wave founder.

“When we initiated the internal discussions about the launch of this service, we had high expectations, but emotions to match. It was important to position ourselves correctly, build on consumer needs and come out ahead in a highly competitive market. We are happy to have chosen Wave and benefited from their expertise in strategy, production and communication. We like the results we already have, but beyond them, we also like the collaborative way in which this project was approached, the way our needs and insights were integrated into a highly effective campaign,” he said. Andrei Stancu, CEO Autonom Drive.